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At the Heart of Lake Minnetonka

Fire Lane Classifications


In the early days of Tonka Bay, fire lanes were the access points for fire wagons to get water in order to fight a fire.  Now they serve as public access to the lake.


There are 21 fire lanes located in Tonka Bay and three classes of fire lanes.  


Class I lanes are for pedestrian access to the lake, fishing from shore, and launching canoes and other small boats not requiring a trailer.  Class I fire lanes include:  Crescent – Birch Bluff Road, Lake Place – Birch Bluff Road, West Point – West Point Avenue, North Sunrise – Sunrise Avenue, South Sunrise – Sunrise Avenue, Aspen – Lakeview Avenue, Hazel – Lakeview Avenue, Pearl – Pearl Street, Hill Street, North Channel – Woodpecker Ridge Road, South Channel – Crabapple Lane, Woodlawn – Mound Avenue, North Manitou – south end of Mound Avenue, Apgar – Florence Drive, North Brentwood – Brentwood Avenue, and South Brentwood – Brentwood Avenue.


Class II lanes can be used for all the activities as designated in Class I as well as snowmobile access during the winter.  Class II fire lanes include:  Interlachen – Manitou Road, South Waseca, Woodpecker Ridge Road, and Bay Street.


Class III lanes are for fishing, boat launching and winter vehicular access to the lake.  North Waseca is the only Class III fire lane in Tonka Bay.


Automobile, boat trailer and snowmobile parking on or adjacent to any fire lane are prohibited.  All fire lanes are designated on the City’s zoning map, which is available for review at the City Hall.


Snowmobile Access


Snowmobiles may gain access to the lake only on fire lanes that permit that use.  Fire lanes designated for this access include:

 #  3  Interlachen Lane

# 5  North Waseca Avenue
#  8   South Waseca Avenue
#13   Woodpecker Ridge Road
#18   Bay Street

NOTE:  Refer to link to Tonka Bay map for key to fire lane designations and locations           


Hours of use are 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M.  The speed limit for entering fire lanes is 10 mph and on the road 20 mph.

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