How to Interpret Your Utility Bill
Utilities are billed quarterly via a postcard from the City.
You’ll find the following on your bill: MN Water Testing Fee, Water Flat Rate, Water Usage, Sewer Flat Rate, Sewer Usage, Garbage and Recycling.
Late fees are 10% so be sure to get payment in on time.
You can pay by check or cash.  Credit cards accepted online only.
Some residents mail their bill while others drop off payment in the utility drop slot to the left of the door at City Hall.

Estimated Readings
On your utility bill postcard, under Meter Reading, there are two numbers-the previous water meter reading and the most recent water meter reading. If either of the numbers end with an “E”, this indicates it is an estimated reading. Water usage is estimated because the radio and water meter are not communicating properly. Possible reasons for an estimated reading include the wires connecting the radio and meter have been disturbed or the battery in the radio is weak.

If both the numbers end with an “E”, please call the City to schedule a time to have your meter and radio inspected. There is no charge for the inspection because per City Code section 810.17 subd. 3, it is the City’s responsibility to maintain and repair water meter equipment against normal wear and tear. Public Works will make the necessary repairs, either reconnecting the wires or replacing the radio.

The City will be contacting residents that consistently have estimated readings. If you do not respond to the requests to access and fix you meter, you will incur a $30.00 fee each quarter until the problem is fixed. Your water may also be shut off until the Public Works department is unable to inspect the water meter and radio.
Please contact City Hall at 952-474-7994 or to set up an inspection.