I and I

Inflow & Infiltration

Selling your home?  You will need an Inflow & Infiltration (I & I) certificate

Tree roots are strong enough to break through even the thickest pipes. Unless there is a noticeable change in a utility bill, sometimes homeowners don’t even know that their sewer line has been damaged. Unfortunately, new homeowners inherit the problem without their knowledge. The City is now requiring residents selling a home to submit a professional scoping/televising video along with an application and $150 payment for a Certificate of Inflow & Infiltration. This is needed before closing on a property. Finding someone to perform this service is as easy as calling a plumber. This is important because the property owner owns their sewer line from the house to the main line and there can be hidden leaks that create problems for not only the homeowner but also the city and its taxpayers. The Public Works Superintendent views the televised lines and approves the I & I certification. The ordinance requiring an I & I inspection was passed in early June of 2020. It had become an issue that needed remediating. Since the ordinance’s inception there have been multiple I & I inspections. Some of these have showed damage to the sewer line that needed to be replaced before handing the keys over to the next owner.